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Sky king

Sky King is a writer, teacher, father husband, and grandfather. A child of the nineteen sixties, he ran wild in his free time but was bound tight at the Catholic school he attended. This dichotomy spawned a vibrant imagination and expansive sense of humor. Achieving a bachelors degree in writing and a masters in education he went on to work with the cognitively disabled for most of his life. Taking a few years off to write while his daughter was small he wrote Deep Time, and The Dead Wife.

He currently works as a special education teacher taking his summers to write, edit and e-publish his books. He is a fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as stories of mystics from history. He enjoys stories with emotional authenticity and aims to create this in his own writing. As an avid reader, the stories shared here are those that he feels he would be excited to find while looking for a new read. We hope that you will be equally as excited to find these stories as we are to present them.